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Huh? Lorem ipsum? Is this some sort of hip-hop slang?
Nope. lorem ipsum dolorem etc... is a dummy text, used by designers to fill new graphic designs with meaningless content. Because it is rather meaningless, you won't get distracted by the text and focus wholly on the design. Read more about lipsum at wikipedia.

Why does this website exist?
Good question! Well, I'm a webdeveloper and I often use random text to fill and test new websites and applications. Just typing "awdawdawd" on every page looks just awfull, so I used this very populair lorem ipsum generator. But it didn't really fit my needs, because I needed random links and a h1 and h2 header at the top of the page. And because a lipsum generator can be made in just a few minutes (that´s why there are about 74.248 greeking machines on the interwebs), I made my own. I first made a classic lipsum generator (the top option in the generator: classic), but got tired of using a text from 1506 for modern web-apps. I wanted real web 2.0 content, and with all the web 2.0 sites being so kind to provide json or xml feeds, it's a piece of cake to make a website like this with jquery.

You mean, this site is intended as a serious webtool?
Well, I needed a simple lipsum generator and got a bit carried away. I do hope you like it, and feel free to tweet me with feedback, requests or when you break the generator (which is, of course, impossible).

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